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CASA WEB is our idea of ​​how real estate agency should be today.
After ten years of activity we have developed a simpler and slim formula that guarantees better service.
Our real estate window is completely online and this allows us to have more time to dedicate to our customers.
Our study is shared with other important and operationally relevant professionals in the field we work with; That is to say a commercial, a lawyer and, we hope in the near future, a notary.
We only receive our customers by appointment and are available to reach them where they feel more comfortable, covering a VASTA ZONA service.
We operate both in SALES and in LOCATIONS. For the latter, priority is the search for properties with the best features and in order to be rented to an exclusively selected customer.
We propose all the properties we are entrusted to BEST IMMOBILIAR PORTALS through accurate photographs and descriptions, obtaining the MAXIMUM VISIBILITY POSSIBLE for those who are looking for it.
We have developed the idea of ​​"CASA SU COMMISSIONE", a method by which we undertake to make a careful selection of all the real estate proposals available on the market with the specific features indicated by the customer, remaining our only reference until the end of the deed.
We work with professional and reliable brokers to research and obtain the loan at the best possible conditions.
We can present to our clients the best real estate maintenance professionals, such as electricians, plumbing, painters, masons, cleaning companies, etc.
Our company is regularly enrolled in the Role of Agents in Mediation, whose Code of Ethics is observed at the Chamber of Commerce of Milan at No. 1863965, as well as being a member of F.I.M.A.A. College of Business Agents in Mediation of the Provinces of Milan and Monza and Brianza.
Professionalism, privacy, courtesy and expertise characterize us.
"Casa Web Real Estate" Trezzo sull'Adda Tel. +39 333 78 200 88 info@casaweb-re.it - ​​www.casaweb-re.it Contact the Agency with the "Request information"

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